San Ysidro Ranch…most romantic place in America.

Second annual trip to one of my all time favorite spots. Doesn’t get much better than San Ysidro Ranch y’all.  

Shorts and headband: Maison Olga

Swimsuit: Roseanna

Shoes: Etoile Isabel Marant 

(all from V.O.D.)

San Ysidro Ranch pt.3

Sweater:  Isabel Marant

Lace shorts:  Magda Berliner

Shoes:  Jenni Kayne

Sunglasses:  Persol

San Ysidro Ranch pt.1

Josh took me to San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito over Labor Day… Most relaxing vacation of my life! Four days of hiking, lunch by the pool, outdoor showers, incredible dinners, and outstanding sleep!  More pictures to come!

skirt:  Jeremy Laing (V.O.D.)

shirt:  Alexander Wang (V.O.D.)

cuffs:  Fleet Ilya (picked out and gifted by my lovely husband from Grange Hall)

shades:  Gorgio Armani (thanks Pearson)