Move over Bekket…Benny is here.

Have to love a new, refreshing, over-the-top, high-heeled, Isabel Marant sneaker!!!

Pants: Chinti and Parker

Shoes: Isabel Marant

from V.O.D. Boutique!

Bury me in these.

Best birthday prezzie ever. Leather gym shorts…best combo on the planet.

Thank you Josh (and V.O.D.)!!!! 

short short short shorts:  Isabel Marant (obvi)

spring perfect

Suit:  Creatures of Comfort

Bodysuit:  Maison Olga

Shoes: Isabel Marant


luv these jeans.

Jeans:  Paul & Joe

Tank:  Piamita

Shoes:  Marni

Jacket:  Isabel Marant 

out to LUNCH!

shirt: vintage from Ahab Bowen

skirt: Isabel Marant (V.O.D.)

shoes: Jenni Kayne (V.O.D.)

Black leather skirt is all I need.

t-shirts, hoodies, silk, flannel, sweaters… more leather… anything goes with this sexy little beast.  I think I’ll pack it for Paris.

leather skirt:  Diane Izzedin

silk shirt:  Jeremy Laing

booties:  Isabel Marant

all from V.O.D. (duh)

San Ysidro Ranch pt.3

Sweater:  Isabel Marant

Lace shorts:  Magda Berliner

Shoes:  Jenni Kayne

Sunglasses:  Persol


Isabel you are so good it’s annoying!!!!  Can’t get dressed without YOU!

vest:  Isabel Marant Etoile

navy booties:  Isabel Marant

taupe booties:  Surface to Air

jeans:  Sinclair

Corduroys:  Isabel Marant



I can think of 1 million ways to wear this Isabel Marant dress and slip and these ridiculous boots by The Office of Angela Scott… these bracelets haven’t left my wrist since the day I got them!  My “staples” are my favorite things in my closet!

And yes, I will wear these boots ALL YEAR.

Bracelets:  Hermes

watch piece necklace:  Dolly Python

My home away from home…

As many times as I have been to V.O.D. in the past few weeks, I failed to notice these fabulous Isabel Marant dresses.  I CANT GET ENOUGH ISABEL. My obsession reminds me of elementary school and my Doc Marten collection (it was very extensive). 

All of these dresses come with a belt and can be worn with or without.  My personal favorite is the top blue one!!  The skirt at the bottom is REALLY cute with cropped tees/jackets.  

OH YEAH and they got a shipment of rad sunglasses.  

dresses and skirt:  Isabel Marant

booties:  Alexander Wang

sunglasses:  Illesteva

all available at V.O.D.