mustard suede.

Suede pants: Roseanna (V.O.D.)

T-shirt: R13 (V.O.D.)

Booties: Marnie

Perfect way to wear thigh-high boots?

I think so, but you probably don’t.

Somewhere where it’s cool outside (LUCKY)?  Throw on this Isabel coat.  EASY.

This coat and pair of boots were NO BRAINERS.  Easiest pieces on the planet.  Even a white t-shirt and cut-offs will do! 

Boots:  LD Tuttle (V.O.D. trunk show in May…best buy of my life)

T-shirt:  R13

Shorts:  Levi’s

Coat:  Isabel Marant Etoile (tried to leave Isabel out but couldn’t resist… oh well)

Must Haves. MUST HAVES.


R13 Jeans and LD Tuttle booties

Jerome skirt and LD Tuttle Booties

Sinclair jeans

Sinclair jeans and Alexander Wang shoes

Jerome leggings and LD Tuttle booties.